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XFX Hunter EA



Original website:

Original Price: $387 or €350

Content:  Expert:  XFX- Hunter EA.ex4 (Unlimited), Document: Pair and Time frame, BACKTEST EURUSD H1 (2K-10K).pdf, BACKTEST GBPUSD H1 (2K-10K).pdf


XFX-Hunter EA

It works with 16 different indicators, of which 8 are created and designed by XFX Project, these indicators detect parallel trends within different time ranges which becomes market executions taking advantage of these changes.

According to the signals provided by these indicators, it will operate in different blocks of operations grouped into segments: Trend Strength, Impact of Reversals, Technical Analysis, Price Action, Candle Patterns, Market Volume and others, all of these are grouped into operational blocks according to probabilities.

These blocks of operations are totally independent from each other and all combine to take advantage of the trends.


  • Account:
    It works on any type of MT4 account.
  • Minimum Recommended Balance:
    $ 1,000 / $ 2,000 in standard account or $ 100 / $ 200 in cent account.* This is just a recommendation, many of our customers have started with much higher or lower amounts. You are responsible for your account.
  • VPS (Virtual Private Server):
    Yes, it is highly recommended.