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Wyckoff Point-And-Figure Part III



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Wyckoff’s Law of Cause and Effect forms the foundation for his exceptional method of estimating price objectives using Point-and-Figure (P&F) charts.  The underlying concept is deceptively simple, with the Cause equaling the horizontal P&F count in a trading range, which in turn generates an Effect or price target from the resulting trend.  To obtain consistently reliable results with Wyckoff P&F charting, however, traders need a systematic approach, with guidelines that accommodate differences in trading range structures and timeframes. 

We provided just such an approach, including some advanced and relatively new refinements, in our prior Point-and-Figure courses, which are among the most popular of all our on-demand courses. Point-and-Figure Part III, was developed in response to many student requests for additional applications of this remarkably versatile tool.

The course will include a review of some P&F fundamentals, followed by more advanced techniques.

Each of the videos has accompanying slides, which can be printed out to allow you to take notes on as you watch the presentations. You will have one full year from the date of purchase to view and review the videos!