Ultra Breakout EA v1.0



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Original Price: $99

Content:  Expert: Ultra_Breakout_fix.ex4 (Unlimited), UltraBreakoutsettings.txt


Ultra Breakout EA


The trading system utilizes a real breakout strategy with an intelligent calculation engine to eliminate bad signals.

The EA has only been developed and optimized for EURUSD H15.

We recommend choosing a broker with a fixed spread of 5 to 20 points, with a zero STOPLEVEL and five-digit quotes.

You can change the settings and try other pairs for better results.

Trades are always protected with STOPLOSS, Smart Trailing and Breakeven. This EA is very easy to use.

  • No grid
  • No martingale
  • No scalping


  • Setting EA — Expert Advisor parameters.
  • Order Type — Trade direction.
  • Invest More — If this is true, the lot size will increase when account balance grows (Risk Management).
  • Invest Risk — Lot size increase based on the balance value (Risk Management in %).
  • Lot — Fixed Lot (if “Invest More” = false ).
  • Use Smart StopLoss — If this is true, Stop Loss will be adjusted according to price movement.
  • Take Profit — Take Profit in points.
  • Stop Loss — Stop Loss in points.
  • Use Trailing — If this is true, profit will be protected with a trailing stop.
  • Trailing Stop — Trailing points when the position is in profit.
  • Trailing Step — Trailing step when the position is in profit.
  • Use Break Even — If this is true, the Stop Loss price will be moved to breakeven when price is above target points.
  • Breakeven Target PipsInp — If the price exceeds the value, breakeven triggers.
  • Breakeven Jump PipsInp — Stop Loss moves to breakeven at this distance.
  • Magic — Order magic number.
  • Slippage — Allowable slippage before an order triggers.
  • Мax Spread — Maximum Spread allowed before pending order triggers.
  • Trading time — Time based filter.
  • Use time — If true
  • 0 = time server, 1 = time PC.
  • time string — Enter comma separated time values, like 00:30,18:30 = trade from 00:30 to 18:30.
Ultra Breakout
Ultra Breakout
Ultra Breakout