Surf Scalper



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Original price:  $680

Content: EA: SurfScalper_v3.04.043_fix  (Unlimited), PDF Manual

You can use on as many MT4 accounts as you want!

Terminal: MT4
Timeframe: M5

SurfScalper is suitable for advanced traders who have already worked with high-frequency scalping. SurfScalper – designed for deposits of $100,000, as for its profitable trading, special conditions for the spread and commission from the broker are needed, which can be obtained in personal negotiations with the broker. It makes sense to study and optimize the SurfScalper robot on accounts where the amount of spread + commission does not exceed 3pp by five-digit.


The adviser is a high-frequency scalper. It determines the microtrend and trades in its direction. The order opens with a minimum stop and a minimum trailingglimit. As soon as the price goes in the right direction, the trailing stop adjusts and fixes the profit. The broker must be chosen with a minimum spread and commission, high-quality execution.

  Сomment of SET  Comment on the setting.
  Magic  Magic orders on this currency pair.
  Moneymanagement  Lot calculation block.
  Progressive lot  If true, then a progressive lot will be used / if false, a fixed lot will be used.
  Lot for 1000 deposits  The setting is used if the value is “true – progressing the lot”. Lot will be taken for every 1000 deposit. (for example, the setting is 0.56, and the deposit is $ 350. Lot orders = 350/1000 * 0.56 = 0.196. The order will open with lot 0.20.)
  Fixed lot  The setting is used if it is set to “false – progressive lot”. The order will be opened with the lot specified in this parameter.
  Opening an order  Settings block for opening orders.
  Entry Period  The parameter that affects the sensitivity of the algorithm to the elimination of signals. The larger it is, the more signals will be eliminated.
  TakeProfit (if 0 – no TP)  Take profit If the setting is zero take profit will not be set.
  StopLoss  Stop Loss.
  Escort of order  Order tracking block.
  Trailing for Limit Order  Trailing distance of pending orders.
  Trailing distance  Trailing distance market orders.
  Start of trailing  Start trailing market orders.
  Security  Block advanced settings.
  Maximum spread  Maximum spread at which orders will be opened.
  Time to Start trading  The start time of the search point opening orders.
  Time to Finish trading  The end time of the search for the opening of orders
Note: open orders will be accompanied regardless of the size of the spread and time.