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Original Price:  $200

Content: Expert: Shark Trader Bot.ex4 (Unlimited), Scripts: shark-kg.ex4, NO MANUAL.

About multicurrency robot
Shark Trader Bot

The robot works on ticks, this gives it the opportunity to make a decision in a matter of milliseconds, at any turn in the price of buy or sell, the robot reacts and enters the market more accurately.

Averaging made very competently averages the price reversal thereby reducing the draw-down and making it more likely to close the transaction, if for some reason (and this is the market) the price has not reached and reversed again, the robot closes this (open order) in + but to a smaller volume since the price has not reached. This reduces draw-down and does not pull orders) it works very effectively.

Also, the activation function of the trailing stop for the grid of orders and one order. Stoploss for a trailing stop and profit level in points for activating a trailing stop from a breakeven point.