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Scalping the Forex (video course)



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John Bartlett – Scalping the Forex
English | 7h 46mn | 1.01 GB

Very good scalping course, highly recommended!!!

“There are no gimmicks, magic formulas, secret equations, Fibonacci, Gann, Elliott waves, specialised indicators or other hyped up rubbish; Scalping is a skill which I teach you step by step in 12 different sections lasting nearly six hours. You will see me teaching a “live” class in one section, in another I lay down strict trading rules, I teach you the mindset and how you get into the “Zone” I give you a live presentation section in which I trade on just 3 days in a week make 8 trades (7 winning and one losing) and make a return of £1,000 from a bank of £10,000 Tax free, and the total actual time in the trades was less than one hour. The max risk on any trade was 2.5% of my capital. Your shown the importance of financial record keeping and analysing your trading. You are taught the importance of targets and running you’re trading like a business.”