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Rapid Results Method by Russ Horn + S.A.R.A.



Original website:

Original Price: $999 (!)

Content: system files + videos (including webinars!)+ pdf manual + S.A.R.A. (Signal Automation Recognition Alert) + BONUSES & EXTRAS (including cheat sheets, extra webinars, extra indicators & templates, indicator source codes and many more!)

Important, please read:

Regarding to this system’s release date: This system was first released a long time ago. What they did now, they took the original system and course and re-released it completely they way it is without any changes + they changed some of the old trade example videos to new 2023 trade example videos. The edu content is the same, the system files are the same, the EA is also the same, even the bonuses are 100% the same, they didn’t change anything apart from adding a few 2023 trade examples. I don’t have the 2023 trade example videos, but as a compensation I have ALL extra webinars from the original system that provide 1000x more insights on how to use the system than any other videos. Originally it wasn’t possible to download these and my friend had to record the videos on his screen which took him tons of time and effort. Currently according to my best knowledge nobody else offers these websinar videos with the bundle, only me. Also, they don’t offer the source code of the indicators anymore but I also included the original source codes.

Regarding to any ‘new’ version of S.A.R.A.: There isn’t any indication on the sales page that there is a new version of SARA. The system hasn’t changed, no new content. The system you receive with this purchase contains the original version SARA. According to my best knowledge all he did with the SARA is he coded the instructions you see on the image below as the default settings of the ea. I’m not aware of any other modification.