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Prado EA v6.0



Original website:


Original Price:  $499

Content: Expert: Prado V6.ex4, DLL: msimg32.dll, Manuals: How to install MT4 files.pdf, Settings.txt

Note (Important):
This product uses custom DLL “msimg32.dll”
Some antivirus may block it and flag it as a virus. You need to whitelist it with Windows Defender and your antivirus.
Its a false alarm and its SAFE , this false alarm is triggered because this is a custom DLL and not verified to any publisher but need to make this product unlocked. Please only purchase if you are ok with this.

Breakout of the previous day’s price extremes!” – This strategy is over 100 years old, and it always works!

The price of the advisor increases with the increase in the monitoring profitability.

PRADO is a safe Expert Advisor that trades pending orders, stop loss and take profit are set immediately, and a multifunctional trailing stop works.

PRADO does not use: grids, averaging, increasing the volume of orders and other dangerous techniques.

The trading strategy complies with the FIFO rules.

The minimum deposit is $100 .

Intraday trading from levels with a trend.

The EA runs on USDJPY only, you don’t need to configure anything – use the default settings. Use accounts with a spread of 0-3, this will increase your profit.

For tests and trading: every tick, period H1, 1 chart.

The settings are optimized for history from 2010 .

PRADO can be used by beginners and experienced traders.

Pay special attention to the TimeBroker setting, (UTC +) = 3;



Risk,% = 3.0; The maximum risk percentage of the size of the deposit per 1 order.

FixLot (Risk, % = 0) = 0.01; Fixed order volume. For this function to work, you need to disable the function Risk ,% = 0.0 (set the value to “0”).

SpreadMax = 30; Maximum spread at which an order is placed.

TakeProfitCoef = 1.6; Coefficient affecting Take Profit installation.

StopLossCoef = 0.17; Coefficient affecting the Stop Loss setting.

OpenOrderCoef = 0.0; The coefficient taking into account the position of the price relative to the extremes of the previous trading day affects the placing of pending orders.

TimeBroker, (UTC +) = 2; The time zone of your broker’s server according to the UTC standard.

Magic = 2021; Unique number of advisor orders.

Comment = PRADO; Commentary on advisor orders.

TimeFrames = H1; Period of bars for which to count extremes.

BarCount = 28; The number of bars for which to count extremes.

Bar = 1; The index of the bar from which the extremum calculation starts (the current bar has index “0”).

OrderCoefLevel = 0.0; Coefficient affecting the placement of pending orders relative to the extremes of the previous trading day.

EveningCoef = 0.087; The coefficient changes the tactics of conducting open orders in the evening.

TralTF = H1; Bar period for trailing stop.

TralCoef = 4; Coefficient affecting the trailing stop.

BoomCoef = 0.03; Coefficient affecting the trailing stop.

BoomMinDistCoef = 0.29; Coefficient affecting the trailing stop.

BoomMaxPrc = 99; Coefficient affecting the trailing stop.

TralBoomStep = 20; Step Trailing stop.

StartTradeHour = 23; EA start time (UTC 0).

StartTradeMinute = 05; EA start time (UTC 0).

FinishTradeHour = 15; Pending orders deletion time (UTC 0).

EveningTacticsHour = 15; Time for changing the tactics of conducting open orders (UTC 0).

CloseAllHour = 20; Closing time of open orders (UTC 0).

All coefficients are calculated from dynamic values ​​that take into account price behavior.