Pinpoint Profit Method Pro 2018



Simpler Options Pinpoint Profit Method Pro (Class 2018) by John Carter

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Original price: $999

Content: videos, pdf, ppts, ThinkOrSwim indicators

This session is designed to get you up to speed on the Simpler way to profitable options trading. You’ll learn John Carter’s high probability Squeeze setup that identifies opportunities for extraordinary gains. This is the setup that allowed John to break free from his corporate job almost 20 years ago. It’s also the setup behind John’s famous 24-hour 7-figure TSLA trade!

You’ll discover how the markets really work (and how to avoid the mistake that causes most traders to fail). John will also reveal the almost unfair advantage individual traders have over big Wall Street funds – and how to exploit it for rapid account growth.

You won’t be bored with a bunch of theory. John will focus exclusively on a simple setup you can use right away. The goal is to deliver an ‘aha’ experience so you can take your trading results to the next level as fast as possible. If you’re new to options this training is for you.

With the Pro Package, you’ll get the Quick Start package PLUS a 5-hour Saturday Strategy
class PLUS three days of live trading with John Carter.

In the Pro strategy session we will cover:

  • Case Study: Over 100% Gains in ONE Week on NKE Exploiting Hidden ‘Range Levels’
  • When to Ride Massive Trending Moves and When to Fade Tops and Bottoms 
  • How Part-Time Traders Can Win Consistently Without Watching the Market All Day
  • Proven Way to ‘Stair Step’ a Smaller Account into a Small Fortune with Options
  • A Clever Strategy for Catching Runaway Moves (Before they Take Off Without You)
  • How to Avoid the Nasty Trap that Seduces Unsuspecting Traders into Brutal Losses
  • How to Erase FOMO and Confidently Identify Opportunities for Triple Digit Gains
  • How to Blend Day and Swing Trading for Incredibly Precise Entries and Exits

During market hours is when everything you learned in the Strategy class comes together and you can finally turn your new  knowledge into action.

This is the portion of the experience when you trade along with John during market hours and look for high probability setups together.

It’s amazing how much you can improve your skills in just 3 days. Our informal goal is to strive to make enough profit to more than pay for the class (obviously, no promises).

PLUS 2 Bonus ToS Indicators:


Multi-Range Indicator

This breakthrough indicator reveals Stochastic overbought and oversold levels from multiple timeframes on ONE chart. That gives you a unique opportunity to pinpoint exactly where price is likely to reverse with the natural ‘ebb and flow’ of the market. It can reveal precise entries in runaway moves and identify tops and bottoms in range, making this a powerful tool for both trending and non-trending conditions.


Multi-Snap Indicator

This breakthrough indicator shows Bollinger Band pivot points across multiple timeframes. Because price has a tendency to only stretch so far before it snaps back, the ability to see the corresponding price levels in real-time is a game changer. These dynamic price range levels offer a way to reverse engineer where reversals are likely to trigger.