Oil Trading Academy – Code 3



Original website: www.oiltradingacademy.com/aboutcode3.htm

Original price: $800

Code 3 was discovered by me by accident in November 2018 while gathering together old charts of Code 1 and Code 2 with the intention of creating new Code 1 and Code 2 courses using the old charts from 2012 to teach with. While looking at the charts from 2012 I by sheer luck or accident or providence discovered Code 3.

This is a new way to trade all futures markets such as Oil, Gold, Emini S&P, Mini-Dow Jones Industrial Average, Mini-Nasdaq, Russell 2000, and any and all other futures and forex markets.

Code 3 represents a major breakthrough with respect to the codes and with respect to trading in general.

With the use of Code 3 it’s now easily possible to generate 500 ticks per day by trading 2 separate instruments at once and trading 8-12 hours per day. What this means is by using just one contract a person could profit $5,000 per day. By using just two contracts a person could generate $10,000 per day.

On top of this the drawdown is minimal….. meaning the furthest you would go negative in money is very small because Code 3 is so accurate, so powerful…..