Original website:  fxsecretpackage.blogspot.com/p/nystifire-ea.html

Original Price: $800

Content:  Expert: NYSTI_FIRE_EA.ex4 (Unlimited), Documents: text.file, Preset File

What is main strategy used in NYSTI_FIRE EA?
It works with trend, No matter how the market moves opposite direction it will still flow with trend!

What is minimum balance to use NYSTI_FIRE EA ?

What pairs and how many pairs to use in NYSTI_FIRE EA ?
Works Well on EURUSD and GBPUSD

What is best timeframe to use in NYSTI_FIRE EA ?
15 Minute Timeframe

Which best setting to use in NYSTI_FIRE EA ?
You will receive the preset settings I use

Does it uses Martingale?