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Merritt Black – Apteros NADRO Course



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Original price: $2,995 (!)

Content: Full downloadable course (INSTANT DOWNLOAD!)

Course Overview

If your objective is to switch jobs, join a proprietary trading desk, or establish your own fund, this Apteros NADRO Course is for you.

Using in-depth video lessons, Merritt Black will instruct you on the techniques, setups, and procedures necessary to trade effectively and consistently at a professional level.

Here is what you will get for your investment:

  • 06 on-demand courses and more than 40 hours of supplementary video material
  • Merritt’s individual chartbooks for the Sierra chart (crude oil and S&P 500 futures)

Course Outline

  • Lesson 1: Mental Framework: 3+ Hours
      • Mental framework introduction
      • Why most traders fail
      • The natural/evolved human trader
      • How process fits in
      • Warning!
      • Develop the mental framework
  • Lesson 2: Market Framework: 5+ Hours
      • Auction market theory
      • The market dynamics laws
      • Chart & set up to trade
      • Market profile basics
      • Real examples of the laws of market dynamics
      • Composite profiles
      • Develop narratives & hypos
      • Develop your ability to effectively profile
  • Lesson 3: Execution & Trade Management: 3.5+ Hours
      • Execution introduction
      • Rhythm for entries
      • Acceptance
      • Developing value
      • Risk & trade management
      • Build mental & market framework
  • Lesson 4: Long Term Vwaps: 4+ Hours
      • Use higher time frame to develop the full narrative
      • Use multiple long term vwaps
      • Handle LTVW extremes
      • Rank & distill narratives
      • Handle confluence & dissonance
  • Lesson 5: The Work: 3 Hours
      • The work & documentation
      • Prepare for the trading day
      • How to journal
      • How to conduct a daily review
      • Longer-term reviews
      • How to use statistics to level up your trading
      • What skills to develop
  • Lesson 6: Order Flow: 3 Hours
    • Order flow basics
    • Identify strengths & weakness
    • What tools to use
    • Cumulative delta/footprint trading
    • Contextual order flow
    • Identify strong buyers & absorption
    • Delta levels
    • How & when to use the footprint chart

Why you should take Apteros NADRO Course

Over 90% of traders are unable to create regular earnings, according to research.

However, the majority of traders lack a structure and procedure for profitable trading. This elite-level course was created on a private trading desk with real money at stake.

The trading methods presented in this Apteros NADRO Course are used daily by top-notch desk traders to earn gains. The training and technique are referred to together as NADRO, an abbreviation for Narrative, Acceptance, Developing Value, Rhythm, and Order Flow, the main components of a comprehensive shorter term trading strategy.