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How to Trade the Highest Probability Opportunities: Moving Averages



Includes Jeffrey Kennedy’s own unique Moving Average technique!
If you’ve ever heard of technical analysis, you’ve probably also come across moving averages. That’s because moving averages are simple (well, sometimes they’re exponential, but never mind that for now) and, more importantly, they work.
Like most simple tools, in the hands of a trader who knows how to use them, moving averages can be quite powerful. They help reveal to you two crucial things that every investor or trader wants to know: whether a trend will continue, and when it’s about to change.
EWI Senior Analyst Jeffrey Kennedy has spent years using and mastering — among many other technical trading tools — several well-known moving average techniques. In the process, he has even developed his own personal moving average method that he calls the “Stoplight System.”
What makes Jeffrey even more unique is his ability to teach you what he knows — and, how you can use that knowledge in your own trading. As one of his students puts it: “Jeffrey is simply the best teacher of practical Elliott Wave Theory.”
Watch as Jeffrey shows you — using real-life market examples — how you can use simple, yet powerful, moving average techniques to better your own trading.
Here’s what you will learn:
How to apply the three most popular moving average techniques.
How to avoid several common but dangerous myths about moving averages.
How moving averages help you avoid markets you don’t want to be in.
How moving averages help you deal with sideways market corrections.
How moving average “compression” helps you spot high-confidence trading opportunities.
How to use Jeffrey’s own personal moving average technique: the “Stoplight System.”
And more!
Jeffrey holds nothing back; every practical tip and real-world insight into trading with moving averages that he has to share is yours. The techniques Jeffrey teaches you in this webinar are applicable on any time frame, to any market you follow.