Magic FX v1.1



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Original Price:  $445

Content: Expert: Magic FX v1.1.ex4 (Unlimited), Presets: 20, DLL: msimg32.dll, UserGuide: Manual Magic FX.pdf

Note: This product is using custom DLL “msimg32.dll”
Some antivirus may block it as it authenticates the software with communicating with the vendor’s server. Its a false alarm and you need to make your antivirus allow it with whitelisting the dll file. Please only purchase this product if you are ok with this.

How to install the dll:

Magic FX

Magic FX is an automated trading system that uses a channel indicator and candlestick patterns to open and close trades.
Trades every day at a specific time. Follows the news, a news filter is installed in the advisor, if important news comes out, the EA does not trade.
Doesn’t use grid, martingale or other dangerous money management methods.

Timeframe М5, currency pairs EURAUD, EURCAD, GBPCAD, GBPUSD

Minimum deposit 70 usd.

EA Settings: 

  • Order_Comment – Order comment
  • Fixed_Lot – Fixed lot
  • Auto_Lot – Automatic increase of the trading lot, if 0 is not used
  • Maximum_Spread – Maximum allowable spread for opening a trade
  • Stop_Loss –
  • Take_Profit –
  • Maximum_Order – Maximum number of open trades
  • Range_Points – Distance between the first and second trade
  • Magic –
Channel Parameter
  • Period_Channel – Channel period
  • Bars_Channel – Number of bars to calculate
  • Buy_Channel_1 – Channel level for buy
  • Buy_Channel_2 – Channel level for buy
  • Buy_Channel_3 – Channel level for buy
  • Sell_Channel_1 – Channel level for sell
  • Sell_Channel_2 – Channel level for sell
  • Sell_Channel_3 – Channel level for sell
Patterns Parameters
  • Step_Candle – The number of bars to calculate the pattern
  • P_1 – Formula for calculation
  • P_2 – Formula for calculation
  • P_3 – Formula for calculation
  • P_4 – Formula for calculation
News filter
  • GMT – Time zone
  • Importance_News – At what value of news the EA will not trade. Low, medium, high
  • Pause_Before_News – Trading pause in minutes
  • Pause_After_News – Trading pause in minutes
  • Time_Start – Trade start
  • Time_Stop – End of trade
  • TimeEndFriday – End of trade on Friday