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Original price: $675

Content: EA: IS Light EA 2.0.ex4, Preset file: Light_Gbp.set, Manual: IS Light EA 2.0.txt

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Friends, it’s a pleasure to welcome you to the new year!

I’ll start right away with some great news!

New IS Light EA!

It is created on the basis of Exclusive Scalping EA. As you know, Exclusive Scalping EA is not my EA, I was given it only for advertising and selling, but after studying its code, all the nuances of work and the complexity of customization for different brokers, I came to the conclusion that it is very raw and requires major revision. This is what I have been doing for the last month.

First of all, it is adaptability and customization, now it is not a problem to customize and adapt to any broker, improved entry point, trailing stop and maintenance, added autolot with the possibility of enabling, fully optimized code and many other small things. A huge amount of work has been done and all this has resulted in IS Light EA.

Results from real accounts (see history trade):

Profit +262%

Login: 250173

Password: 1K4EJsSi90pt

Server: NPBFX-Real

Profit +411%

Login: 6092357

Password: 13v5BFCl7Tbe

Server: GrandCapital-Real

IS Light EA has been updated to version 2.0 and successfully proved itself in real-world tests.

First of all, a lot of work has been done to solve the problem of choosing a broker. The previous version was very demanding in terms of execution speed and spread size.

Real results (see trading history):


Profit +234%

Login: 253208

Password: taL953HL3Xju

Server: NPBFX-Real


Profit +361%

Login: 6100171

Password: 24MfAiOB9ho9

Server: GrandCapital-Real