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HFT Secrets EA Bundle



Original website:

Original price: $1,920

Content: Experts: HFT Secret 1.0.ex4, US Odyssey 1.0_fix.ex4, Libraries: 4, How to install MT4 files.pdf

HFT or high frequency trading is a method of intervention on the markets that uses sophisticated software tools, and sometimes also hardware, with which to implement high frequency negotiations, guided by mathematical algorithms, which act on markets.
HFT strategies have achieved significant volumes of commercial traffic, so much so that it is estimated that they are responsible for the majority of transaction traffic in some stock market contexts, with percentages that, in some cases, reach over 70% of the total.
Among the best-known operators to use these approaches are, for example, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley.

Can be used on any Prop (FTMO MFF etc)
Can also be used on Funded and Live accounts
Normal Expert (not hft) although powerful as hft
Works only on US session
It goes unnoticed by any Prop Firms who have no choice but to pay
Ready-made settings (boosted and conservative)