Gann’s Scientific Methods Unveiled



Gann’s Scientific Methods Unveiled: Volume 1
Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Literary Analysis of William Gann’s

Chapter 2: The Basic Astrological Foundation

Chapter 3: The Great Discovery of the Literary Key

Chapter 4: The Lambert-Gann Symbol & The Longitude Relationship Table

Chapter 5: Retrograde Motion

Chapter 6: Declination

Chapter 7: Planetary Ingress

Chapter 8: Price & Longitude Conversion

Chapter 9: Specific Planetary Combinations

Chapter 10: The Hexagon Chart and Square of Nine

Chapter 11: William Gann’s TRUE Eclipse Method

Chapter 12: Total Solar Eclipses

Chapter 13: Annular Solar Eclipses

Chapter 14: Penumbral Lunar Eclipses

Chapter 15: Partial Solar Eclipses

Chapter 16: Partial Lunar Eclipses

Chapter 17: William Gann’s TRUE Eclipse Method Applied to The Modern Markets

Chapter 18: The Complete Astrological Frame Work For Lard

Chapter 19: William Gann’s Six Actual Trades

Chapter 20: Scientific Balancing of Time: Solving Seven Gann Forecasts

Appendix 1: A Complete List of “Natural” Dates and Index

Gann’s Scientific Methods Unveiled: Volume 2

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: The Law

Chapter 2: Price & Longitude Conversion Part 2

Chapter 3: Square Longitudes and The 2nd Literary Key

Chapter 4: W.D. Gann’s Use of The Circle Chart

Chapter 5: W.D. Gann’s Fourth Dimension of Market Movements

Chapter 6: Intra Day Applications of The Fourth Dimension

Chapter 7: W.D. Gann’s Double Numbered Price & Time Charts

Chapter 8: The Cube Cycle

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