Fusion Expert Advisor (Latest Version 2.0)



Original website: https://www.samuelandcotrading.com/products/fusion-expert-2-0

Original price: £3,000 (= $4,500)

Content: Expert: Fusion2 .ex4, Document: Pair & Time frame.txt


Fusion has ran since 2016, Fusion 2.0 is the latest version which was released early 2020. Fusion trades short term fluctuations on the currency pair GBP/USD. When a position goes against the initial position the algorithm is designed to hedge itself out of the losing trade.

The algorithm is customisable to your chosen metrics, such as account size, risk metrics, entry criteria, hedge levels etc.

Once you have installed your expert advisor, inputted your settings and have pressed the automated trading button, the tool will start to monitor the markets and execute trades based on your criteria. This automated forex trading system is designed to be easy to follow due to little manual intervention required once the parameters by the user have been set.