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Forex Triple Hit System is a unique combination of algorithms developed by my team and me, which will allow you to move to the next level of trading with highly profitable trades. It works on all major currency pairs and M15-H1 timeframes.

“Forex Triple Hit” includes:

  • Oscillator that tracks the largest trends and gives signals to enter & exit trades
  • Buy & Sell Arrows which simultaneously act as the trend confirmation and show additional entry points within one big trend, allowing you to make money on one price movement more than once
  • Support & Resistance Levels which represent key junctures where the forces of supply and demand meet, helping to analyze price movements and trade successfully.

Who is it Made for?

Despite the fact that “Forex Triple Hit” is built on the most complex and unique logical system developed by our best experts, you will be surprised how user-friendly we made its interface. Even a child can understand what needs to be done by looking at the screen. “Forex Triple Hit” is complicated on the inside, but absolutely clear on the outside.

Does it suit newbies? Sure! All you need is follow BUY/SELL signals shown on the screen and see how your profit grows.

Does it suit experienced traders? Definitely! “Forex Triple Hit” would also work remarkably well for people who are more experienced in Forex trading. Due to the combination of three different tools, you are getting a wide range of possibilities.

So, “Forex Triple Hit” works great for both newbies and experienced traders.

«Forex Triple Hit» in Live Action

Live Action Video: +3120 Pips in 7 Trades

I highly recommend you to take the Indicator together with “Forex Triple Hit Assistant”….This powerful Full Kit is a perfect combination to automate your trading process!

How «Forex Triple Hit» Looks in Action

What’s happening on the charts right NOW?…Total Profit: already more than +1463 pips…Get such trades easily with “Forex Triple Hit”!

«Forex Triple Hit Assistant»

Is it possible to make trading even more profitable with less efforts? The answer is YES!

We’ve developed a special additional software for “Forex Triple Hit” users. It allows you to increase the efficiency and profitability of the Indicator by simplifying your trading process.

Meet “Forex Triple Hit Assistant”.

“Forex Triple Hit” works great itself! But “Forex Triple Hit Assistant” will help you to minimize your time investment and maximize your profit!

Here’s how it works: When “Forex Triple Hit” Indicator generates a BUY/SELL signal or explores an Extra Entry Point, the Assistant window pops up immediately on your chart offering 2 options:

Enter Now

Don’t Enter

The assistant window pops up all the time: at a signal generating a new trend, Extra Entry 1 and Extra Entry 2. So, you can open three trades within one trend!

Also you can choose whether to exit the trade at the Opposite Signal or with chosen Take Profit- whichever you prefer according to your trading style.

Here’s what it looks like:

Just click on Enter Now option and “Forex Triple Hit Assistant” will do the rest for you!…It will exit the trades according to the chosen parameters automatically and bring you Profit!

How to Use «Forex Triple Hit»

  • If you prefer a more risky type of trading, then you can enter a trade as soon as the signal changes and you see the oscillator has changed color, as well as the first big arrow has appeared on the chart.
  • If you prefer a safer type of trade, you can wait for the signal confirmation and enter the trade when the second arrow (small) appears on the screen, confirming the trend direction.
  • Special wow-feature: you can enter at the same time both at the first signal and at additional signals, when the indicator detects extra entry points, that is entering every time a new arrow appears on the screen. Thus, instead of one winning trade, you can have as many as three!
  • Moreover, you can also enable the display of key support and resistance levels to monitor the likely scenario of price movement.

No more need to spend hours in front of a computer in order not to miss any trade.

For your convenience, the indicator is equipped with a special alert system.

You can be notified in three different ways when to open the orders or close them:

1. Pop-Up Alert with Sound on MT4 Platform…Just turn on the sound on your PC and do whatever you want around the house- you won’t miss it!

2. E-mail Alert…Want to get out of the house? It’s not a problem! Our indicator will send you an e-mail the moment it generates a new signal!

3. Push Notification on Your Mobile Phone…If you are somewhere far from your PC, it’s also not a big deal! You will get notifications on your phone and will be able to enter trades via your MT4 app.

Simply follow the signals “Forex Triple Hit” sends to you….Yes, it’s that convenient and easy!

7 Reasons to Get «Forex Triple Hit»

  • Super-easy installation
  • Detailed Step-by-Step User Guide
  • Compatibility with ANY MT4 platform
  • Usable on all major pairs on M30-H1 TFs
  • Effective Trading Algorithm
  • 3-in-1 unique System of Indicators
  • Reliable Signals. 100% NO Repaint