CovertFX EA MT4 1090+



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The Only Rapid Breakout Forex System That Is Capable of Over 443% Profit in Only 4 Months While Trading 10 Currency Pairs

And it Automatically Opens and Manages the Trades for You!

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What if there was a way to make an obscene amount of money trading the Forex market…

  • Without High risk, low reward strategies
  • Without investing a lot of money
  • Without having to take one single trade yourself
  • Without prior trading or technical experience

Would that change your life?

Have You Heard The Saying, “Money Can’t Buy Happiness”?

FreedomMoney might not be able to buy you happiness, but sure will buy you freedom.  Freedom to spend time with your family, freedom to take vacations, freedom from debt.

That’s happiness isn’t it?

So although we may not want to admit it, money is necessary in our lives, no matter how much we fight it, because if we don’t have money we have to waste time working for it.   And that creates stress, which takes away from your happiness.

And if there is a way to accumulate wealth so you can have freedom to not work for a boss 5 days a week, then maybe just maybe, you should be paying serious attention to what I’m about to share with you next.

The Most Consistent Trading Method That Always Works And Pulls in 50% to 100% Profit on Average per Month…

Breakout trading.

Yes, that’s right, breakout trading is one of the most consistent and profitable strategies you can use to dominate the Forex markets.

You are probably scratching your head now and thinking, “what makes breakout trading so special?”  First, it really depends on how you trade breakouts, but when you lock in the right formula, with the right type of money management the profits are mind blowing.

Second, the reason breakout trading is so powerful is because it allows for a safer risk to reward that you normally can’t achieve with other trading systems.

Let me show you…

See the image above?

These are trades from different pairs running CovertFX.  You can see that the trades entered after a sharp movement that’s not the same as previous pairs, usually signalling a breakout.

Typically, the breakout will be rapid and jump sky high, with a high profit target and trailing stop, profits are safe and locked in.   And typically with a large number of pips.

But what if it ends up being a false breakout?

In that case, we would just cut losses quick on the other end of the channel.  The loss is much lower than the potential profit.

Making this a very low risk to very high reward strategy.  And the amazing thing about breakout trading, its easy to be more often right than wrong.

Using this exact method look at some of it’s massive gains:

Can You Do This By Hand? I Bet Not…

Imagine, trying to comb through dozens of charts, monitoring news, and watching for rapid breakouts, trying to catch the right moment of price action explosion to get your trades in and rake in massive profits.

Sounds exhausting and nearly impossible right?

Well, if you do it by hand, you probably won’t get very far. Instead of trying to monitor multiple charts and make trades faster than superman, you can have your computer simultaneously monitor multiple pairs for you and take rapid trades for you and manage them into a safe profit.

  • Runs On 10 Currency Pairs (including GOLD)!
  • Completely Automated
  • Verified Live Trading Record
  • No Grid And No Martingale
  • Smart Money Management