Blockbaster EA v3.03



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Blockbuster  is an automated trading system developed for trading GBPUSD.

When a trading signal appears, the robot opens a market order and additional limit orders in the number specified in the OrderCount parameter . Trading is possible without additional orders, for this the OrderCount parameter  must be converted to the value 0.

Trade is conducted within the day. All orders are closed as soon as the terminal time reaches the value specified in the StopHour parameter  (transactions are not transferred, everything closes as is).

Key features:

  • It does not use various types of indicators in its work.
  • Does not require optimization.

The closure of an aggregate position is affected by:

  • The appearance of the opposite signal (with a negative profit)
  • Strong price momentum.
  • Total stop-loss.

Also involved:

  • Averaging take-profit.
  • Trailing-stop from the breakeven level.

The most suitable brokers for the system are  Alpari  and , ECN accounts. The work of the system on the accounts of other brokers may be ineffective.

Screenshots show test results with various options.

For testers: it is useless to test on tick quotes downloaded from dukascopy, you need live, streaming quotes from brokers mentioned above.

The system has the following options available for configuration:

  • stophour – the hour of the end of trading;
  • starthour – the hour to start trading;
  • minimpulse – the minimum size of a pulsed candle on M1, when it appears, orders are closed;
  • bars – the number of analyzed bars;
  • trendbars – the number of bars for trend analysis (filter);
  • step – step between orders;
  • take_profit – distance in points to the Take Profit level from the order price;
  • stop_loss – distance in points to the Stop Loss level from the order price;
  • autoclose – use trailing stop;
  • ts_level – trailing stop size in points;
  • ts_orders – the number of market orders to activate trailing stop from the breakeven level;
  • lot – working lot;
  • mindepo – deposit amount to calculate the trading volume;
  • orderCount is the number of additional pending orders (Buy Limit or Sell Limit);
  • magic – magic number.