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Original Price: $560

Content: Expert: BestGride V04.005.ex4 (Unlimited), UserGuide (in Russian – please use GoogleTranslate)

You can use on unlimited MT4 accounts!

Effective grid trading robot BestGrid

The most effective modification of the grid trade. With aggressive settings deposit doubles in a week.

Terminal: MT4
Timeframe: M5
Type: medium-term and intraday
Min account balance: from $50

             Algorithm Using aggregate strategic analysis identifies important levels of consolidation. Transactions are opened only in the zone of these levels. Estimating the likely price movement within these levels, deals are opened with the greatest potential opportunity. Flexible settings regulate stop loss and take profit. Based on the results of trading, the presence of grid support of orders makes the algorithm of the adviser more efficient. The averaging levels (order grid levels) specifically coincide with the neighboring consolidation levels.
  Recommendations for aggressive trading  The aggressiveness of trading is adjusted by a lot multiplier for subsequent grid orders. This averaging method is far from classical. The difference lies in the choice of zones for opening orders. There are examples of quick deposit doubling. Set for this trade will be attached. This is aggressive trading. Therefore, the recommendation on the use of such a set would be to withdraw half of the funds after doubling the deposit !!!! Be sure to follow this recommendation! The default setting increases the risks, but by changing the settings, you assume additional risks. To reduce the risk in this case, you can lower the lot. In the description below you will see examples of doubling deposits.
Recommendations for conservative trading  If you need more relaxed settings (conservative), there are sets for these purposes. Reducing risks is achieved by reducing the lot of the second and other grid orders. Very often, orders do not reach the second grid order at all. This is what explains the possibility of aggressive trade. The proposed sets are examples only. You yourself can find more suitable ones by optimizing this Expert Advisor for each particular pair and timeframe.