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Alpha GI EA v2



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Content: Expert: Alpha GI – 2.0_fix.ex4, Presets: Alpha GI_50k.set, Alpha FTMO.set, PDF: How to install MT4 files.pdf


What is Alpha GI V2? Imagine being able to look over the shoulder of a professional trader as they make real time trades. We’ve developed a software that can be loaded on a demo account for you to monitor and see simulated trading in action. As you try to figure out why it made the moves that it did, your overall trading knowledge will grow.

ALPHA was built on proven strategies from professional traders. It’s goal is to find the right entry and exit points while at the same time calculating the lot size, order type, and reacting to changing market conditions. It does all of this in real time on a demo account using fake money, so you get to see real trading in action without any money being risked! It has customizable settings so that you can experiment then see what the results would have been.