IMPORTANT!!! I was informed today that the latest new MT4 platform update is unstable. Please do not upgrade. This is a global issue that might effect some of your ex4 files. The only way to prevent this is to revert back to build 1090 and stop the auto-update, and you still can use your ex4 files.

It is very easy to fix. I created a quick-help package that you can download from here: –>

Just download and unzip the package and follow the step-by-step instructions and enjoy all you indicators and EAs in working condition. If you have any questions, please feel free to drop me a line anytime.

UPDATE: The quick-help package is really very easy to follow and works like charm. All your previous MT4 files will work again. Look at the kind feedbacks I got from my customers after they downgraded their MT4 with the described method: